The Project

 Hi, My name is Julia Calaway and I am a Student at St. Agnes Academy high school. I have been working for three years to raise money, all from donations, to build playgrounds.

My nonprofit, Julia Builds a Playground, builds play sets and play grounds for under privileged schools and neighborhoods. My first project is currently being built and contracted in at the Carbonera School in Costa Rica. The school, the Carbonera School, receives help from an eco lodge that is located near them. On the website of the Lapa Rios Eco Lodge they posted a wish list that the children attending the Carbonera School wrote , and on that list was a playground. When I saw the wish list I realized that I wanted to give them the playground, thus starting Julia Builds a Playground. In addition to the playground at the Carbonera School, I had enough money to build a second one in Costa Rica! In Puerto Jimenez a playground was build for all the children in the small town to use.

My nonprofit started out as an idea, but has grown much bigger. I am officially a non profit in the State of Texas and I have sent in my paper work to the IRS get my 5013c status which allow anyone who donates to my nonprofit receive tax exemptions. I am excited to get to work planning events and doing small bake sales to raise money. I started this charity because I have been blessed with a great life and I want to give back as much as I can. I believe that every child should be able to walk down the street or walk out of their schools and run for the playground, excited for recess! I want to give those children the opportunity to see how high they can go on the swings, or have competitions racing down the slides. If supporting Julia Builds a Playground gives these kids this opportunity, why not donate?

If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me at or post a comment on my website! I also have paypal, but we are having trouble with it right now. It should be put back up soon, than donations can be made online. To look at the projects I have done please go to the projects tab above.